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I'm Philip Nordfalk, an accomplished freelance senior consultant specializing in Governance, Risk, Control, and Compliance. With a robust background in Enterprise Risk Management, Business Processes, Internal Controls, and Information Security, I bring a wealth of expertise to drive transformative results for your business.

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Recent engagements:

Nets: Spearheaded MitID / NemLog-In conformity assessments, designed compliance-related procedures that included GDPR and eIDAS compliance actions and compliance with customer contracts.
GlobalConnect: Provided advisory and implementation services for GDPR, heading the implementation of a Governance and Management System (RISMA) across European countries.
Vækstfonden: Advised on GDPR actions and implemented policies and procedures for Identity and Access Management.

Let's collaborate:

If you're seeking an experienced and practical consultant to navigate compliance and risk with tangible results, let's connect. I’m here to help you streamline your business the right way.

mail: pn@raze.dk
phone: +45 5250 3340